cloud rug light bluecloud rug pinkcloud rug purplecloud rug whitecloud camelcloud raspberrycloud rug gray1Faux sheepskin cloud rug black

The CLOUD COLLECTION by FUR ACCENTS . Faux Fur Rugs just dont get any cuter than this! These wonderful SOFT SPOTS come in a variety of colors and sizes. Perfect for decorating a Nursery or kids Bedroom. Right now ClOUDS come in 3 standard sizes and 9 different colors however dont be afraid to ask for custom sizes and colors! There are rainbow furs , Lion Furs, Chinchilla beaver Polar Bear and Mink Furs ! What is your Favorite? Keep Checking for new listings and new designs! Retailers welcome! We have several new store locations and we are actively looking for more. Happy Decorating From Fur Accents!