Light Wolf/ Coyote Headboard with Fox Tail FringeLight Wolf Headboard With Tail Fringe CapeBrown Bear Headboard and Stripe Tail FringsBrown Bearskin Headboard with Lux White Cape and Tail FringeBrown Scalloped Chinchilla HeadboardBear Skin Headboard

A New adventure in Faux Fur Designer Home Furnishings. Headboards in Twin, Full, Queen and Ling Sizes. There are countless combinations and designs available but here are just a few to whet your appetite and inspire your creative juices. Pick any fur you like and you can have one made for your next design job! and dont think you are limited to just animal designs.. There’s purple, lavender, gold, green, blue, pink, red and rainbow! Pick one of our designs or create one of your own and let us put it together for you! I LOVE the new venture! What do you think?