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I have been an Interior Designer for 30 years and Ive seen a lot of rooms that seemed to lack something. Often my clients werent quite sure what that something was and it was my job to figure it out. Now Im going to let you in on a little Design Secret I have used hundreds of times with great results. Im going to tell you one way to use contrast in order to make a cold, uninviting room feel warm, inviting and much more comfortable.  One of the basic elements of design is contrast.  We all know about contrasting light and dark colors but what about the contrast between hard and soft surfaces? When approaching a new project I generally make a quick assessment of the percentage or ratio between hard and soft surfaces in the room. Then depending upon the intended use or function of the space, I can easily make an accurate and immediate determination of what the room might be lacking. For example: When I walk into a room that “feels” empty, even though it “appears” full or a room that greets me with an impersonal sense of detachment, even though on paper the room contains all of the necessary elements, I make a quick scan of the space. I am looking for several things , one of which is the balance between hard and soft surfaces. I quickly calculate the percentage of the room that projects hard surface and the percentage that projects soft. If the ratio is 70%-90 % hard and only 10% -30 soft, which is often the case, I know immediately that the room is out of balance.  Hard surfaces tend to be more practical, durable and functional while soft surfaces tend to be more decorative, comfortable and inviting.  Who wants to sit by themselves in a family room on a wooden bench or a metal chair? Of course they may last longer and be easier to clean than softer upholstery but they are truly lacking in comfort. A cushioned sofa or an well worn leather chair are much more friendly. When you have all the basics and a room still feels wrong, try adding a soft window treatment, accent pillows and a couple of well placed area rugs. These will bring that soft touch to your space and help fine tune the balance between hard and soft surfaces. My favorite rugs are Fur Accents / Faux Fur Rugs because they offer the best of two worlds. They are warm, soft, comfortable and attractive and, being made with faux animal fur they can add a wonderful element of “life” to a room.  If your room feels empty or cold try adding a couple of Fur Accents Designer Pillows and Area Rugs. Im sure you’ll be pleased with the effect.


Try to imagine the above rooms without rugs.

Unique and Creative Designs are just one of the many things that sets Fur Accents far above and miles apart from any and all competitors.

We’ve developed Proprietary techniques, collected an unparalleled selection of Premium Faux Furs and developed the necessary artistic skill

to design and create a featured collection of wonderful and compelling masterpieces we call Art Rugs.  Suitable for dressing up floors

or adorning walls below are just a few of the many new additions to the Fur Accents Art Rug Collection. 


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If you are like most people you love fur but arent happy with the idea of using real animal skin for rugs , blankets and bedspreads . Enter FUR ACCENTS! the Leader in FAUX FUR Home Decorating Design ideas and products. A wonderful collection of Realistic Furs in dozens of different colors and styles,  Chinchilla, Mink, Lynx, Fox, Beaver, Bear, Sheep, Lamb, Deer, Lion and more.  FUR ACCENTS Throw Blankets and Bedspreads come in all the standard sizes plus custom sizes.  They also make matching Pillows, Pillow Shams and Body Pillow Covers. What is your favorite animal fur? Would you use FAUX FUR  in your home?


blue rave bedspread brown arctic fox bedspread 1 com brown bear and wolf trim Bedspread 22 com gray chinchilla bedspread com Gray Stripe Wolf 1 com Light Wolf bedspread com magenta black tip bs nedium wolf fur bedspread com pnk blk bd sprd pnk mongolian bs 1 Scallop Bedspread OW comblack tip huskie bedspread 1 com

FUR ACCENTS , located in Southern California has over 100 different Faux Fur patterns and colors to choose from and they make hundreds of different products in every size and color! In the last 10 years they have become the innovative leader in Faux Fur Area Rugs and Accent Rugs, Art Rugs, Bedspreads and Bedding and Throw Blankets. Their newest creation is FURTAINS, a Trademark Product designed and made exclusively by FUR ACCENTS. Luxurious Fur Curtains are now available in any of our beautiful Faux Furs . They sell the valances and panels separate so you can mix and match.. Imagine a Red Fox Fur Window Valance with Bear fur panels or a Arctic Fox, Polar Bear or Russian Wolf Window Treatment. So many possibilities for Designers! and the best part is they are all FAUX FUR. These are the softest and most luxurious looking Curtains. Perfect for a Master Bedroom, Den, Kids Bedroom , Nursery or wherever.. Think of the possibilities for a Log Cabin or a Ski Lodge… FUR ACCENTS is busy designing new styles and patterns but they are always happy when customers  request custom designs!

Just contact Fur Accents with your ideas and dimensions and find out what they can make for you.


wolf Furtainfurtain red fox fa 1furtqains white val fafurtains huskie fa 4IMG_9765faIMG_9732fafurtains arctic wolffurtains whtie red fox 3 pinterestfurtains red fox 3 fa pinterestfurtains huskie fa pinterest

4 hearts rec rugwhite rec rug w blu pnk hrtwhite rec rug pnk bluehrt 1cloud rug with pnk and blue heart 1cloud rug white pink and blue  heartcloud rug white w red white heartwhite care bear w red hrtwhite cloud with blue and pink hearts 3white cloud with blue heart1

FUR ACCENTS has done it again. They have created a whole new collection of lovely and unique  Faux Fur Accent Rugs. The HEART collection is fun for kids and adults.. From Playing cards to Fluffy Clouds they can adorn your favorite shape rug with hearts of any size and color. Great for the Kids room.. baby Nursery. Man Cave , Bedroom or Den! More Soft and Fluffy Love Rugs from Fur Accents! What will they think of next?

cloud rug light bluecloud rug pinkcloud rug purplecloud rug whitecloud camelcloud raspberrycloud rug gray1Faux sheepskin cloud rug black

The CLOUD COLLECTION by FUR ACCENTS . Faux Fur Rugs just dont get any cuter than this! These wonderful SOFT SPOTS come in a variety of colors and sizes. Perfect for decorating a Nursery or kids Bedroom. Right now ClOUDS come in 3 standard sizes and 9 different colors however dont be afraid to ask for custom sizes and colors! There are rainbow furs , Lion Furs, Chinchilla beaver Polar Bear and Mink Furs ! What is your Favorite? Keep Checking for new listings and new designs! Retailers welcome! We have several new store locations and we are actively looking for more. Happy Decorating From Fur Accents!

Light Wolf/ Coyote Headboard with Fox Tail FringeLight Wolf Headboard With Tail Fringe CapeBrown Bear Headboard and Stripe Tail FringsBrown Bearskin Headboard with Lux White Cape and Tail FringeBrown Scalloped Chinchilla HeadboardBear Skin Headboard

A New adventure in Faux Fur Designer Home Furnishings. Headboards in Twin, Full, Queen and Ling Sizes. There are countless combinations and designs available but here are just a few to whet your appetite and inspire your creative juices. Pick any fur you like and you can have one made for your next design job! and dont think you are limited to just animal designs.. There’s purple, lavender, gold, green, blue, pink, red and rainbow! Pick one of our designs or create one of your own and let us put it together for you! I LOVE the new venture! What do you think?

IMG_5096-001wolf spread squareblack gray stretch throwRed Fox ThrowBrown Teddy Bear Skin Accent RugThanks for your patience ! and thanks to our friends at NF we are finally up and running. Our site is not completely finished yet but everything is functioning and we have lots of BRAND NEW and EXCITING items listed for you to shop. We have several Special RUG and BEDDING items that are not available ANYWHERE in the world except right here ( because WE DESIGN AND MAKE THEM OURSELVES! ) So if you are searching for something wonderful and totally unique for yourself or for a friend, you’ve come to the right place. Keep checking back for more amazing FUR ACCENTS CREATIONS. Remember we are THE SOURCE for Faux Fur , Rugs , Bedding and Custom Orders. Retail, wholesale and Designer Specials are in effect NOW! Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions how we might improve our site! Wolf / Bear ComboBlack Tip Amber BearLux White ThrowBrown New Deer Throw RugExotic Red Fox ThrowBaby Buffaloebay new bear-001Leopard Cuff StockingPink and Berry Minky

June is here already and we are about ready to launch this site! You can place orders NOW on the site or you can contact us directly for help and more information. Thank you for your patience while we get set up. We are not only building a new website but we are about to add a great collection of new rug and bedding designs!  In the mean time you can check out more of our Animal Friendly FauxFur items on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and, elsewhere on the Net.

Blessings From Everyone at FurAccents llc

Now go Buy a rug!

bear rug logo 2

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